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Trade-in Process

  • The estimated trade value provided online is a suggested range provided by J.D. Power. All values are contingent upon dealer review and approval. Further negotiation is subject to dealer terms. Home trade-in pickup is available at select Polaris Xchange Dealers only. Ask your dealer.

  • Yes. Visit and click "Trade-in My Ride" to receive your trade-in evaluation.

  • Yes.

  • Consult with your owner's manual for exact location. But generally speaking, with the vast majority of motorcycles, the VIN is found to the right of the headstock tube. Usually on the part of the frame that the forks go through, underneath the throttle. For ATV's & UTV's, location varies by manufacturer but are most consistently on or near the frame. The VIN can also be found on your registration and insurance cards.

  • We've partnered with industry leader, J.D. Power, who assigns an estimated value range based on your vehicle's make, miles, & condition. All values are contingent upon dealer review and approval. Further negotiation is subject to dealer terms.

Shopping Experience

  • While you are unable to sign or pay for vehicles online, on used vehicles you can place a reservation deposit for a machine, configure your agreement to your liking, and pay for the vehicle at the dealership or upon the dealer delivering it to you. On new vehicles, you can start the process online by providing your personal and payment preference information, and start your financing paperwork. Then, you will have to finalize the deal in-store with the dealer.

  • The platform allows you to drive your own experience. You are able to complete the majority of the purchase process from home, so you can minimize the time you spend at the dealership. You can chat, call, email your dealer throughout the process, or physically stop by the dealership.

  • 100% of the inventory on Polaris Xchange is owned by our Polaris dealers

  • Beyond the extensive vehicle description, photos, history & condition reports on Polaris Xchange, you can click to call from mobile, sign-in and chat with a dealer, or set up an appointment to go see the vehicle in person.

  • Yes. Simply call or chat the dealer and request this information.

Purchase Process

  • You can finance yourself, finance through a dealer, or pay with cash/check. Funds are not transferrable on the platform however. For used vehicles, you can pay upon delivery. For new vehicles, you will need to finalize the transaction at the dealership.

  • Deposits are only available on used vehicles at participating dealers. In order to reserve a vehicle and configure your deal, there is a $199 reservation deposit to help prevent others from purchasing the vehicle while you are finalizing your purchase.

  • If you end up purchasing the used vehicle, the $199 deposit is put towards the purchase price. If you do not purchase the vehicle, the $199 is refunded. If you purchase the vehicle and then return it using our 3-Day Return Program, the $199 is kept by the dealer as a restocking fee.

  • All major credit cards, as well as PayPal are accepted.

  • A deposit reserves your used vehicle temporarily with your dealer, and will be applied to your total amount due if you complete your vehicle purchase from your dealer. The deposit will be returned to you if your dealer cancels the sale. Polaris Xchange is not a party to any sales transactions.

  • Sorry, Polaris Xchange is only available in the United States at this time.

  • Each dealer has specific delivery capabilities & policies. Please consult with the selling dealer.

  • Delivery timing varies by dealer.

  • Delivery fee will be dependent on your distance from dealer & dealer's per-mile delivery fees. On used vehicles, these fees will be calculated for you during the checkout process as you configure delivery.

  • Yes.

  • All fees will be defined on your deal details. Final terms may vary. Verify with your dealer.

  • Consult with your dealer on state restrictions. In some states, you may be required to stop into the dealership to sign paperwork.

  • The condition report is completed by a dealer representative during their inspection process.

  • Each vehicle detail page includes the location and phone number of the selling dealer. Set up an appointment and come take a look. Some new vehicles listed on the site may be pre-order units, meaning the physical vehicle is not yet in the store. Contact your dealer.

  • Yes, just like when you create one for Amazon or Netflix prior to purchase.

  • Financing options are available through our dealer partners and not Polaris Xchange directly.

  • Yes, you can indicate this in the checkout process or via the chat function with the dealer that you have your own financing.

  • Octane is our lending partner. They pre-approve loans that come through the site. Final loan terms will be communicated to you from your dealer.

Return Process

  • Polaris Xchange offers a 3-day return policy on used vehicles.

  • 3 days, and the used vehicle must meet mileage and condition criteria outlined in the return policy.

  • For a used unit to be eligible for a return, the buyer must have submitted a deposit through Polaris Xchange. The customer must fill out the online return request form within 3 days of pickup or delivery of their vehicle. The customer must physically return the vehicle to the selling dealer’s location within 24 hours of submitting the return request form in the same condition as retailed. The vehicle must also be within the usage mileage and hour guidelines by segment outlined below.

    • ATV/UTV/Snowmobile: 20 miles or 10 hours (whichever occurs first)
    • Motorcycle/Autocycle: 200 miles or 6 hours (whichever occurs first)
    • Snowmobile: 20 miles or 10 hours (whichever occurs first)
    1. Ensure the vehicle meets the return criteria
    2. Request a return on Polaris Xchange by signing into your dashboard & request a return in step 7 of the digital checkout
    3. Bring the vehicle back to the dealership’s physical location that sold it
    4. The dealer will inspect to ensure the vehicle is in the same condition as retailed
    5. The dealer will accept your unit if it meets the return criteria
  • Your refund includes the vehicle purchase price and tax, however in the case of a return, your $199 deposit and any delivery charges by the dealer are not refundable.

  • The vehicle must be a used vehicle, meet the return criteria, and must have gone through the Polaris Xchange checklist process, utilizing the $199 deposit online.

  • Yes. The dealer will then inspect the vehicle to ensure it's in the same condition as retailed, then accept the return if it meets all criteria.

Polaris Xchange Overview

  • Polaris Xchange is a trusted one-stop digital platform and marketplace for used powersports vehicles + new Polaris vehicles.

  • ATVs, UTVs, Motorcycles, Snowmobiles, & Autocycles. Here, you'll find used vehicles from all brands plus new vehilces from Polaris.

  • Yes. You can shop with peace of mind knowing that the platform is from the largest OEM in powersports, Polaris Inc., along with their trusted network of dealers.

  • We know that you value convenience and life is busy! We also know that buying a vehicle is a big purchase and you want to feel confident and excited about what you buy. That's why we created the first customer-centric powersports marketplace to allow you to shop, finance, and trade-in a vehicle online with confidence and convenience.


  • Yes, in most cases, but please consult with the selling dealer to set up an appointment to ensure they are able to provide a test drive.

  • Joydrive is our technology partner in developing the Polaris Xchange marketplace.

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